Facebook Live recording from Jan 8, 2019

Each week we do a live broadcast on Facebook where we answer questions, talk about stuff that’s going on, and ramble a bit =) This week we talked about:

  • Root Beer Float is on sale
  • Blender bottle for $1
  • Sample availability
  • 100 Days of Keto (Chow) going great
  • Smack the bottles on the counter when mixing to avoid clumps in the lid
  • Use a dry-erase marker to mark your bottles
  • Results of our preliminary taste test (11 out of 12 prefer Keto Chow)
  • 2018 year in review post
  • Nutrition questions: fiber, vitamin A, iron, electrolytes, sodium.
  • Carrots on keto
  • Chasing Ketones

The live stream goes up on Facebook at 720p, this is the 4K footage straight from the camera and external microphone:

Or, if you prefer, here is the original Facebook video with the viewer comments from the live broadcast.

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